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January 3, 2017
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June 9, 2017
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CDT Basic Concealed Carry of a Firearm


Course is designed for the more experienced shooter, well grounded in Safety and Basic Marksmanship.  Approximately 8 hours.

***CDT Basic Pistol or equivalent required.  Contact for discussion of acceptable experience***

Subjects covered: SAFETY, Principles of Concealed Carry, Types of Concealment, Holsters/Magazine Pouches for Concealment, Cover garments.

Dry-Fire and Live Fire drills to access firearm from concealment and engage target(s).

Required Equipment: Eye/ear Protection, Reputable firearms,Rigid Inside-the-Waistband or Outside-the-Waistband holster for that specific firearms, at least two magazines, magazine pouch, cover garments (loose shirt, light jacket, sweat shirts, seasonal outwear.

***Note- No “Appendix Carry” holsters***

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