04/09/2022; Defensive Handgun Training for Church Security (1 Day Course)


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Date:   April 9th, 2022

Time:   0900-1630 (9am to 4:30pm)

West Shore Sportsmen’s Association, 562 Ridge Rd LewisberryPA  17339

Designed for the pistol owner with some experience.  Approximately 8 hours.

Sold Out

Defensive Shooting for Church Security Teams

This course is for persons assigned to armed church security teams, with an emphasis on pistol safety, marksmanship, concealed carry, and decision making.

While some experience with the handgun is preferred, we’ll work with all levels of experience for members of the same team.

This class has limited space, and preference will be given to multiple persons assigned to/volunteered for this role from the same church.

Subjects covered:

Review SAFETY, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment/Sight Picture, Follow Through.

Dry Fire/Live Fire Drills designed to increase proficiency in basic marksmanship, multiple rounds, multiple targets, decision making.  Drawing from the Holster/Re-Holstering Safely.  Introduction to Drawing While Turning.  Near and Further Target Engagements (Self Defense Distances).

Required Equipment: Eye/Ear Protection, ball cap, reputable semi-auto pistol w/ at least two magazines, rigid holster, magazine pouch, ammunition suitable for the pistol (400-500 rounds).

Highly recommended you have note taking material.  This is not the full spectrum of church security, as that is a complex and multi-faceted curriculum.  The focus is on the safe and effective use of deadly force with a handgun.

NOTE: Ammo may continue to be hard to get. Start looking now.

***Limited number of rental pistols available. Contact with questions***

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