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Citizens Defense Training, LLC
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 19 reviews
by paul mandraccia on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

My first handgun a Sig p320,I did not want to shoot the pistol
until I had instruction and safety first,in 2 hours I learned the
right way to grip,stand,aim and shoot.
Ron is an expert not only on firearms plus teaching you the safe
and correct way handle a firearm.
He is ONE talented instructor and a Super guy!
Best money I have spent! Will be back again!
Thanks Ron.

by Michael Wiley on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Ron brings a wealth of knowledge to his curriculum. Whether you are a new shooter or have years of experience, his experience will be able to get you headed in the right direction or help you to hone the skills that you already possess.

by John Calamia on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Excellent resource from start to finish. My wife and I are extremely pleased with our experience with Ron. He has a way to educate you without making you feel inferior to him. Great guy and company.

by Daniel Boyle on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Outstanding Class. I can't imagine buying a gun with out first taking this class. I would be like driving a car for the first time with out ever having any instruction or training.

by William Morton on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Thanks for a very informative session Ron! It was well presented and extremely useful!! My wife and I walked away from this class with a much better understanding of personal and home security. We'll be Code Yellow for life!!

by Linda C. on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

I learned a lot and I feel much more comfortable handling a pistol after taking Ron’s class. It was informative, fun and most of all SAFE.

by John Calamia on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Great class. A must if you're entertaining concealed carry.

by John Panik on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

I attended the 2/4/17 course instructed by Ron. I found him to be professional and well informed about all of the aspects of concealed carry and home defense. Being a former Marine and expert marksman I felt I had a good understanding of handling and shooting my weapon. He was able to knock the rust off of my USMC training and put me at ease on the range. I haven't handled a weapon in about 20 years. Being former military I though I would know how to handle a conflict if it should arise but he opened my eyes to the real world we live in. I am glad I had the training since I have decided to carry. The home defense part has me looking about my home for weak areas and devising a plan to strengthen them. He has a class for women and my wife would like to attend. I will be taking the advanced class as well as hitting the range ALOT more.
P.S. During the range portion I noticed that he did not miss a single bullseye even when he used someone else's weapon.
Great course Ron.

by Sean P. on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

"I had the pleasure of training under Ron in the NRA Law Enforcement Instructor qualification course, and again as an adjunct instructor for him several months later in Miami. He teaches with a very humble style that will immediately put you in the comfort zone, which is imperative if you are going to retain any information. Ron comes from a well rounded, extensive background through which he has acquired a ton of experience. As a former Navy SEAL and having been through quite a few courses I can say the product that Ron puts out combined with his at ease style of instruction is most certainly a cut above the rest. Beginner or advanced, everyone will walk away with a valuable experience. I look forward to training with Ron many more times in the years to come."

by Kelly Sapp on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

These days it seems everywhere you look someone is "training" people in the art of self defense. It goes so much further than pointing a gun and pulling the trigger. I had the honor of meeting Ron Flowers while downrange in Afghanistan.

I also had the privilege of going outside the wire on missions and I saw first hand the level of professionalism and experience Ron has teaching our troops. If you are looking for a subject matter expert, look for one who has walked the walk, because anyone can talk the talk. Ron Flowers not only has walked the walk he can articulate it, demonstrate it, and give you practical application so that if YOU ever have to walk the walk, you'll have all the tools needed to be a survivor. 5 STAR instructor without a doubt. Kelly Sapp; police officer/Army Ranger

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