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Citizens Defense Training, LLC
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by Mark on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

CDT, runs a comprehensive and safety minded course. I would highly recommend CDT to those looking to gain their first bit of gun knowledge to the seasoned shooter who knows that the basics is what it's all about!

Looking forward to more training with CDT!

by Lindsey C on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

I've shot a few firearms in the past, but never felt totally comfortable with handling them, let alone understand how they function as a whole. Ron & Kathleen were absolutely awesome instructors at the 8-hour course I took with CP Tactical Solutions. Their passion, knowledge, and experience made me feel like I was in good hands. Especially as woman, I felt like they trained us to prepare for the worst, no sugar-coating, no fluff. I recommend this course for ANYONE who is seriously looking to be more comfortable with handling, shooting and understanding all things firearms. Looking forward to taking an advanced course with them in the future!

by Dave Robson on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

AR Introduction was the second course taken with Ron. It was another fantastic experience. Ron pays very close attention to all safety rules for himself and for every student in the training. Ron helped me to get my rifle sighted in and I feel much more confident now.

by Mark Ipri on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Two of my kids and I have taken (2) of Ron's classes...so far, and we will be back for more training for sure. Outside of the great training material, it is a great learning environment. In the classes we've attended there was no pressure, and all of the shooters try to help each other out. The classes are laid back but VERY informative! I would recommend CDT for everyone.

by Michelle L on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

This is a great course. Ron and his wife Kathleen are excellent instructors. They have a ton of respect for gun safety and teaching others about gun safety. I took the Intro to Pistols & Revolvers and I was pleasantly satisfied with the entire day. We spent the first half of the day in the classroom going over the proper vocabulary, gun mechanism, muzzle control, grip and stance, trigger control, aim, and dry fire. Kathleen even went over how to properly use a tourniquet in a traumatic situation, which I thought was very important and helpful. Even before we stepped on the range, I felt more comfortable with a handgun and then on the range, using the gun got to be more and more comfortable for me as we had more practice.

I can tell Ron and his wife are very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and what they teach. They are very welcome to any questions or concerns and extremely helpful and encouraging on and off the range. I learned a lot this day, and their words, lessons and phrases are something that I will always remember. I highly recommend anyone take this course and believe anyone, advanced or beginner, can learn something very valuable from Ron and Kathleen. I look forward to joining more courses in the future! Thank you Ron and Kathleen!

by paul mandraccia on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

My first handgun a Sig p320,I did not want to shoot the pistol
until I had instruction and safety first,in 2 hours I learned the
right way to grip,stand,aim and shoot.
Ron is an expert not only on firearms plus teaching you the safe
and correct way handle a firearm.
He is ONE talented instructor and a Super guy!
Best money I have spent! Will be back again!
Thanks Ron.

by Michael Wiley on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Ron brings a wealth of knowledge to his curriculum. Whether you are a new shooter or have years of experience, his experience will be able to get you headed in the right direction or help you to hone the skills that you already possess.

by John Calamia on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Excellent resource from start to finish. My wife and I are extremely pleased with our experience with Ron. He has a way to educate you without making you feel inferior to him. Great guy and company.

by Daniel Boyle on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Outstanding Class. I can't imagine buying a gun with out first taking this class. I would be like driving a car for the first time with out ever having any instruction or training.

by William Morton on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Thanks for a very informative session Ron! It was well presented and extremely useful!! My wife and I walked away from this class with a much better understanding of personal and home security. We'll be Code Yellow for life!!

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