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Citizens Defense Training, LLC
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 by Amber

Ron truly changed the way I viewed firearm training. I am both a military veteran and former correctional officer but am more accustomed to handling a rifle. I did not feel confident with my handgun skills, so I looked around for some professional teaching. What I got was way more than I paid for. This man could easily charge hundreds of dollars for what he does, the experience he provided in just two hours was truly impressive. I went into the lesson thinking I could not hit a single thing and he had me running basic drills and hitting my mark almost every time. Ron is funny, relatable, and a master in his skill set. I can't wait to schedule my next private lesson and learn more.

 by Sean Fitzgerald

Once again Ron has given a stellar class. Though I’ve been shooting for over forty years there is much to learn and Ron provides good real world lessons. I highly recommend his classes.

 by Don Quinn

I recently took the Level II Defensive Pistol class with Ron. He is a highly experienced and capable instructor. Training scenarios were well thought out and executed in a safe manner. Ron was able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the class and provided the appropriate level of individual training when required. I highly recommend Ron for any class he offers and will be training with him again in the future.

 by Anthony C

The class held by Ron was absolutely excellent. I have shot AR's the past 14 years but never took a formal class. This was excellent, even for a bit more experienced shooters with that platform like myself. I already signed up for AR Level 2.

The classroom teachings and hands on teachings were perfect, with a fantastic balance of one on one critiques and overview for all.

 by Kathleen Yaniro

I highly recommend Ron and Kathleen Flowers. A perfect team and excellent teachers! Very professional, patient and knowledgeable.

 by Tom

We had a introductory pistol training class today with Ron. His experience and dept of knowledge is astounding. We formed our own class of friends and set the schedule with Ron. Being experienced shooters Ron was able to tailor the class to our needs. The training exercises were well planned out and well executed by Ron. All of us learnt a tremendous amount today and are looking forward to returning for the next level class.
Thank you Ron.

 by Mike Parente

It is more important than ever in today's fast changing environment to receive effective, concise training. Ron has the experience and knowledge to be able to give you lessons that give you the maximum, potential benefit. The cost to benefit ratio is off the scales considering it's about you and your families safety.

 by Amber

Phenomenal husband/wife duo! I had the honor of participating in their women's course this past weekend and am so happy I did. Highly recommend this course to anyone who's looking to learn the basics and become more comfortable with their firearm. Ron is very thorough and patient, and Kat bring a unique women's perspective that is invaluable.

 by Shan

I had my private lesson with Ron today. Very knowledgeable and professional. He not only taught me about how to handle a handgun but also was great at explaining the do 's and dont's and the importance of gun safety. I would recommend Ron highly for his knowledge and great teaching methods with practical real life examples.

 by Louis

I had a new gun owner private lesson with Ron. He is an extremely experienced professional who not only covered everything from gun safety to field stripping to how to shoot. But more than that, Ron was able to make his points with great analogies that really make an impression. And finally, he constantly mixed in the mental aspect of defensive shooting. I was totally impressed with the session and would recommend Ron to anyone who desires any level of shooting training.

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