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Citizens Defense Training, LLC
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by Jim B., Media, PA on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

As a new gun owner, I had read the manual but still felt unqualified to begin working safely and properly with the weapon. In a superb two-hour private session, Ron put me at ease, explained the fundamentals, and guided ME through practice loading, safe handling, stance, grip, aim, dry firing, and field stripping the pistol. Hands on, not lecture. He illustrated key principles with examples from his extensive experience. As a bonus, he is a really personable guy who can stay friendly and focused at the same time! Now I am knowledgeable and confident enough to practice my skills. I highly recommend Ron to anyone seeking professional firearm training. I myself will be back!

by Alan on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Ron did an amazing job on a 4-hour private training session for two people. The lesson was jamb packed with important information, yet Ron was able to keep it light and humorous when encouraging results. He kept the material relevant, and smoothly followed through from safety, to sight picture, grip, trigger control, stance, dry fire, live fire, mental preparation, and legality. I left the training excited about the lessons I had learned and ready to practice on my own. I am already planning my next class with Ron!

by Vanessa Cheeseborough on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

I attended the September 5th Training. I truly enjoyed it. Ron, Kathleen & Josh all demonstrated the do's & dont's of properly handling a firearm. Also, what to do if a medical situation occurred. They helped me to learn my strengths and what U need to improve on. I am definitely going to practice before taking the next level. Other places were charging way more for only 2 to 3 hours. I got 8 hours for way better price. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take this class or any other class (if they have more experience than me).

Thank you guys!

by Lou on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

My wife and I just completed the introductory course with Ron and it far exceeded our expectations. Ron has the unique ability to bring together his 30 plus years of experience, attention to detail, and humor in a way that positively engages the first-time shooter. Since I never even held a gun before, I was nervous. However, Ron was patient, took his time, and explained everything. Before I knew it, I was laughing, having a great time, and even enjoyed it when he was pushing me (politely) to do better. Combine all that with Ron relating what he teaches to real-life situations (This is not just target practice for fun.), and you have an empowering experience which I believe can not be matched anywhere else.

by Victor Lauer on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

My wife and I have had no experience handling a handgun. Ron provided us training for the first time in all aspects of safely handling a handgun to include live round firing. In addition, he provided beneficial information on legality, theory and awareness. He is professional and an excellent instructor.

by Bobby Stanley on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Ron, is an awesome instructor, and I am happy that I found him! I have taken handgun training before; but Ron's class goes above and beyond your normal instruction. He was very patient with my Wife and I, and taught us invaluable information in a very easy to understand way that will stick with us forever. I HIGHLY recommend his classes for the novice, brand-new, or even experienced gun owners!

by Mark on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

CDT, runs a comprehensive and safety minded course. I would highly recommend CDT to those looking to gain their first bit of gun knowledge to the seasoned shooter who knows that the basics is what it's all about!

Looking forward to more training with CDT!

by Lindsey C on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

I've shot a few firearms in the past, but never felt totally comfortable with handling them, let alone understand how they function as a whole. Ron & Kathleen were absolutely awesome instructors at the 8-hour course I took with CP Tactical Solutions. Their passion, knowledge, and experience made me feel like I was in good hands. Especially as woman, I felt like they trained us to prepare for the worst, no sugar-coating, no fluff. I recommend this course for ANYONE who is seriously looking to be more comfortable with handling, shooting and understanding all things firearms. Looking forward to taking an advanced course with them in the future!

by Dave Robson on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

AR Introduction was the second course taken with Ron. It was another fantastic experience. Ron pays very close attention to all safety rules for himself and for every student in the training. Ron helped me to get my rifle sighted in and I feel much more confident now.

by Mark Ipri on Citizens Defense Training, LLC

Two of my kids and I have taken (2) of Ron's classes...so far, and we will be back for more training for sure. Outside of the great training material, it is a great learning environment. In the classes we've attended there was no pressure, and all of the shooters try to help each other out. The classes are laid back but VERY informative! I would recommend CDT for everyone.

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