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Basic and Advanced Law Enforcement and Responsible Civilian Firearms Familiarization and Training

Mission: "Confidence through Training"

Our Philosophy

Provide advanced and in-service training to law enforcement and vetted civilians, as well as basic safety, marksmanship and tactics training to beginning or new gun owner civilians in the use of the carbine, pistol, or shotgun firearms platforms. I am an NRA Law Enforcement and Civilian Instructor in multiple disciplines. Experienced training hundreds of police officers, corrections, and nuclear security all over the US since 1995, my background includes training received from US military personnel from NAVSPECWAR, US Army SF, and Special Mission Units. Dedicated to providing solid grounding in the basics with Christian integrity.


The safety of one’s self, family and community is a solemn responsibility.  Anyone who purchases a firearm to secure that safety also has the responsibility to learn the safe and proper use, maintenance and storage of that firearm, as well as asking themselves the hard questions of “when, where, and could I” use a firearm in defense of self or others. My job is to help a gun owner work through those questions and develop confidence, through training, to step up to those responsibilities.

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