09/10/2022; Level II Defensive AR-15 Training (1 Day Course)


Sold Out


Date:   Sept 10th, 2022

Time:   0900-1630 (9am to 4:30pm) Range B

Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club, 1855 Russell Road, Lebanon, PA 17046

Approximately eight (8) hours w/ Limited Enrollment.

Sold Out

Equipment required-AR-15 style rifle and sling, at least two (2) functional rifle magazines, eye/ear protection, billed cap, 500 rounds of appropriate ammo.

Pre-requisite; CDT Basic Rifle or equivalent.  Contact  for consideration of approval of accepted prior training.

Safety, Dry-fire manipulations review (loading, unloading, stances, positional shooting)

Malfunctions and Clearances (dry-fire and live), Off set, Rapid engagements, increasing distances, multiple round engagements, multiple targets, timed evolutions, decision making, close with accuracy drills.

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