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March 13, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Thoughts on Being a Well-Rounded Shooter

As I have written many times before, we are life-long students, in our craft and in life.  In keeping with that practice, I recently attended an Armorer class for the HK VP9 pistol.

The class, held in Ashburn, VA, provided a detailed understanding of the pistol’s function, all of its parts, and how they all worked in providing the most important goal of consistent, reliable performance.

I should state, out front, I am not mechanically inclined.  I have a hard time turning a screwdriver with consistency and efficiency, but there I was, deep in the 65+ parts of that particular 9mm pistol.  We took them apart and reassembled them in stages, or components.  From the slide, and all the pieces that go into the “upper,” to the frame, and all the many more pieces that go into the “lower.”

Yes, I lost some small pieces, and yes, I did the “Armorer’s Crawl” looking for them, but it was a great learning experience.

I do want to point out that this was the most “painless” Armorer class I have ever attended.  I attribute that to two things; the expertise of the instructor, and the equipment provided in the class designed to make the work easier and more organized.

This is where I was introduced to the products made by Present Arms Inc, who make the very useful “Gunner’s Mount,” with its myriad of parts and accessories that make working on or cleaning a firearm easy!  When I got home I was so impressed with their products I contacted the owner, Mark Jenkinson, and was pleasantly surprised to find out he was an “old sailor” like me, with prior service in the US Merchant Marine!  More on them in the future, but meanwhile, check them out at

Contact me if you want a discount.  I know a guy….  🙂

Now, I have no intention of adding to my business model the service of being an Armorer.  And though I am certified to work on AR-15’s, used to be certified to work on Sig Sauer 226’s and 229’s, and even on 1911 45 ACP’s, I won’t be taking them apart either, except for the occasional field striping and thorough cleaning.

Though I won’t be utilizing these skills on a regular basis, I find each and every Armorer class contributes to a better understanding of firearms.  From the importance of record keeping and preventing malfunctions or breakages with a solid preventive maintenance plan, to the necessity of good lubrication and occasional deep cleaning, these classes reinforce to me the old maxim, “Take care of your tools and they’ll take care of you.”

Hope you all have the attitude of always seeking new information, some new learning or ways to get better at whatever your endeavor.  Keep at it and Dry-Fire!

(Rifle by Citizen Arms,


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