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Citizens Defense Training, LLC is the premier choice if you are looking for professional firearm training in Cumberland County PA. Instructed by an expert with over 1700 hours of experience with various firearms, you will quickly learn that there is much more to handling and training with a firearm than one would expect. Specializing in training Cumberland County residents to understand basic safety, marksmanship and tactics to new or beginning gun owners, you can be assured that you aren't being taught by any run of the mill firearms instructor.

You will be taught as a professional and how to be safe in our Cumberland County firearm training courses and handgun training classes. At Citizens Defense Training, LLC, we also offer a variety of non-firing, to teach you how to safely handle and store firearms/ammunition in the home. Citizens Defense Training's firearm training instructors will also teach the fundamentals of home defense and concealed carry, to keep you better prepared. Our firearms safety courses will give you the basics along with practical experience for the new gun owner.

Handgun Training Cumberland County PA

Anyone who purchases a firearm to secure the safety of themselves, their family and their community also has the responsibility to learn the safe and proper use, maintenance and storage of that firearm. When you take one of our firearm and handgun training courses, you will learn these important steps to properly and safely handling your firearm. Servicing Cumberland County Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, we are dedicated to providing solid grounding in the basics through the experience of multiple disciplines. If you live in Cumberland County PA and are looking to take firearm training courses, check out our available courses today.

Private Cumberland County firearm, handgun and rifle training courses are also available, and all of our courses teach the knowledge you need to know how to keep yourself safe and informed on the laws and regulations of firearms and storage. In addition to co-ed courses, we also offer womens-only courses and NRA courses.

Some of the Cumberland County firearm training Courses we offer include:
  • Co-Ed Defensive Handgun Level 2
  • Women's Intro to Defensive Handgun
  • Women's Defensive Handgun Level 2
  • Intro to Defensive AR-15 Rifle
  • Defensive AR-15 Rifle Level 2
  • Personal Protection in the Home

If you live in Cumberland County and are interested in signing up for any of our Cumberland County firearm training courses, visit our registry page here.

If you have any questions regarding our Cumberland County firearm training courses, you can call us at (610) 597-3717 or fill out our contact form here.

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